Best Jam Proof Shredders

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In this article, we will review some of the best jam proof paper shredders, comparison features, and the best place to buy it. Moreover, there is a paper shredder buying guide at the end that will discuss all the things you need to look for before making a purchase.

Fellowes Powershred 425Ci

The Fellowes Powershred 425Ci paper shredder has a heavy-duty design that is ideal for both businesses and individuals. It offers a number of useful features to match your needs, making it one of the best jam proof shredder options on the market.


Safesense Technology

There is an electronic sensor in this machine that automatically stops the shredding whenever your hand comes in contact with the paper opening. This makes it safe to use, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally injuring yourself.

Cross-Cut Shredders

This machine’s cross-cut shredding capabilities make it easy to destroy sensitive documents so they cannot be easily put back together. If privacy and security is very important to you, this is an excellent feature to utilize.

Removable Basket

The 30-gallon basket inside this shredder can be easily removed when it gets full. The high-volume design lets you keep shredding for longer before you have to empty the bin.

Continuous Run Time

The continuous duty motor keeps shredding documents to help you stay productive. This is a great feature if you do a lot of shredding on a regular basis. You won’t have to deal with constant stopping and starting. You will be able to get this work done as quickly as possible.

LED Indicator

There is a LED light on the front panel of this machine that tells you when the bin is full. This makes it a lot easier to know when it’s time to empty it out.

Multiple Levels

You will have three levels of jam-prevention to choose from with this paper shredder. This ensures that you always get your needs met.

Auto Oil Technology

This shredder automatically oils its cutters at regular intervals, so you won’t really have to do any maintenance work. It also helps the machine to keep working smoothly, which is especially important if you use it on a regular basis.


  • Shreds almost anything: This machine is capable of shredding everything from junk mail to credit cards and even DVDs.
  • Large capacity: The 30-gallon removable corrugate basket is fairly large and doesn’t fill up quickly like some other models.
  • Versatile design: You have three levels of shredding prevention to choose from, so you should never have any issues.
  • Cross cuts: The cross cutting this machine offers guarantees privacy and security.
  • Energy efficient: This paper shredder has a very energy-efficient design to help you save money on your utilities each month.
  • Low maintenance: The automatic oiling of the cutters makes maintaining this shredder a whole lot easier.
  • Quick functionality: You can shred up to 28 sheets of paper with each pass, making it easy to work efficiently.
  • Comes with warranty: You will get a 2-year product and service warranty with this shredder. It also comes with a lifetime cutter warranty.


  • Cardboard bin: The bin inside of this shredder is made of cardboard, so it might not stand the test of time.
  • Inconvenient switch location: The switch to turn this machine on and off is located on the back, which is a bit inconvenient.
  • Noisy: Some customers have complained about this machine being a bit noisy while it is working.

Fellowes Powershred 485Ci

The Fellowes Powershred 485ci paper shredder is quite an impressive machine with lots to offer, regardless of your specific requirements. If you are currently looking for a solid cross cut shredder, this one is worth considering.


Jam Proof System

This shredder’s 100% Jam-Proof System prevents frustrating paper jams that make it difficult to remain productive. It is powerful enough to keep the paper going through smoothly no matter what. In fact, there are three unique levels to choose from, so paper jams will be a thing of the past.

Bin-Full Indicator

There is a light on this machine that lets you know when you need to empty the removable corrugate basket. You will no longer have to deal with having to check to see whether you need to do this.

Safety Sensor

The special sensor that this machine uses prevents your fingers from getting cut. It shuts the machine down if your fingers get in the way of the paper slot.


This machine cross-cuts documents so that it is extremely difficult for anyone to read them. This is very useful if you need to dispose of anything from credit cards to paper bank statements.


The self-lubricating technology of this cross-cutting paper shredder will keep you from having to do any real maintenance work. This machine oils itself every so often so that it continues to function as efficiently as possible.

Removable Basket

The 35-gallon removable basket is perfect if you do a lot of shredding. You should be able to go a while before you need to empty the bin. The basket is very easy to take out when necessary, so there is no hassle whatsoever.


  • Energy savings: This shredder’s energy-efficient design allows you to save money on your electric bill.
  • No cool down: You can keep shredding with this machine, as it does not require a cool-down period.
  • Safe to use: The sensor this machine uses makes it perfectly safe to use.
  • Good looking design: The modern design of this paper shredder gives it a nice aesthetic that goes well in any home or office setting.
  • Simple: Everything about this shredder is very simple, so you shouldn’t have any problems using it right out of the box.
  • Wide throat: The 16-inch wide throat gives you the ability to easily shred anything from credit cards to staples with ease.
  • Heavy duty: The heavy-duty design of this product makes it perfect for individuals and small businesses.
  • Fairly small: Measuring 37.2 by 20 by 25 inches, this machine can fit into most spaces, including under desks.
  • Mobile: The caster wheels on the bottom of this shredder make it easy to transport from one area of your house or office to another.


  • Somewhat noisy: This paper shredder is perhaps a bit noisier than average.
  • No lock: While this machine does feature a safety sensor, there is no security lock to prevent it from being used by children.

Fellowes Powershred 425i

The Fellowes Powershred 425i paper shredder is yet another great choice if you need to thoroughly destroy documents. This machine is incredibly versatile and well-suited to many different people and businesses. It is one of the best commercial grade shredder options you will find on the market today.



The strip-cutting design of this machine shreds documents into narrow sections. This can be useful for a variety of documents that do not include particularly sensitive information.

Safety Feature

If your hand ever gets too close to the paper input slot, the entire machine will automatically shut down. This prevents minor to serious injuries when you are being a little careless.

Removable Basket

The 30-gallon basket can be quickly removed when empting is needed. Unlike other models on the market, you don’t have to take the head off first.

LED Light

You will always be notified when it is time to empty the bin when the LED light on the front of this machine comes on. This is particularly helpful if you tend to do a lot of shredding.

Heavy-Duty Motor

The motor that this shredder uses is exceptionally powerful, so it doesn’t require a cool down period. You will be able to keep on shredding without having to stop and wait, which is very convenient when you have lots to shred. This impressively powerful motor is also what makes it completely jam proof.

Auto Start

The auto start feature makes using this paper shredder very easy. You won’t have to follow any complicated steps to get started.


  • Ideal for heavy use: This paper shredder is designed for 10 or more users, and it can shred up to 20,000 sheets each day.
  • Energy efficiency: This machine is also designed to conserve energy, so it doesn’t use more electricity than it absolutely needs to.
  • Cuts through multiple materials: You can use this shredder to cut up credit cards, CDs, DVDs, and even corrugated cardboard.
  • Jam prevention: The numerous levels of jam prevention this machine offers will prevent paper jams, increasing your efficiency.
  • Pet and child friendly: The safety sensor this shredder uses prevents accidental injuries to pets and small children in your house.
  • Works fast: You can shred up to 38 sheets of paper with each pass into 37 pieces.
  • Made in the USA: The TAA compliant design of this shredder means that it was made entirely in the U.S.
  • 2 year warranty: You will get a 2-year warranty with this product, which covers any component failure.
  • Easy to transport: The wheels that are attached to the bottom of this machine make it easy to move around as needed.
  • Not very loud: This machine operates as 62 decibels, so it isn’t particularly loud while it is shredding.


  • No cross-cut: The strip-cut design of this machine is not well-suited for those who need to destroy documents with sensitive information.
  • Somewhat small bin: This shredder’s 30-gallon basket is not tiny but could definitely be a bit bigger.

Fellowes 3825001 Powershred 225Ci

The Fellowes 3825001 Powershred 225ci paper shredder offers a simple but powerful solution for destroying everything from junk mail to credit cards. It is a commercial-grade machine that many businesses use on a daily basis.


Continuous Duty Motor

The motor inside this paper shredder is designed to work continuously, so it never needs to take a break to cool down. It is capable of shredding up to 22 sheets of paper with each pass.

Cross-Cutter Design

This paper shredder cross-cuts documents so that nobody will be able to read them once they go in the trash. It offers a P-4 security level, which is perfect for individual and commercial use. Each piece of paper is cut into about 400 5/32” by 1 ½” particles for maximum security.

Automatic Stop

The entire machine stops working whenever your hand touches the paper opening. This ensures safe operation at all times.

Jam Prevention

You will be able to choose from three different levels of jam prevention. Unlike cheaper models, this one doesn’t jam up at all.


The SilentShred technology that this machine uses guarantees quiet operation no matter what. This means that you won’t have a lot of loud noise to content with while you are shredding documents at home or in the office.

Removable Basket

There is also a 16-gallon removable basket that you can take out and put back in with ease. There is no frustration whatsoever associated with emptying the bin. You will even have an LED light that glows when it is time to do this.



  • Very quiet: The SilentShred technology this machine uses ensures quiet functionality no matter what you are shredding.
  • High security: The cross-cutting capabilities give you a very secure way to destroy documents with sensitive information.
  • Doesn’t jam: This machine is designed not to jam, so this is never a problem that you will have to deal with.
  • Continuous operation: There is no cool-down period required for this machine due to its powerful heavy-duty motor.
  • Casters: There are four caster wheels under this shredder for easy and smooth transportation in any home or office setting.
  • Huge energy savings: This particular model is designed for up to a 70% reduction in energy consumption.
  • Perfect for businesses: The design of this shredder can accommodate up to 5 users, making it ideal for a small business.
  • Responsive touch controls: You’ll find that the touch controls on the top of this machine are very responsive.


  • Low sheet capacity: This shredder’s 22 sheet capacity is a bit disappointing and limits productivity somewhat.
  • Small bin: The 16-gallon basket in this shredder is fairly small and may require frequent emptying.
  • Could be faster: This machine can shred 16 feet per minute, which is a bit slow compared to other models on the market.
  • Flimsy bin: The bin this shredder uses is only made of cardboard, so it isn’t very durable.

Fellowes Powershred 99Ci

The Fellowes Powershred 99ci paper shredder is a nice mid-range model that has a variety of practical features that are worth exploring. There are a number of things about this shredder that make it a great overall choice.


Pull-Out Bin

There is a 9-gallon pull-out bin that you can easily remove whenever it is time to empty all of the paper inside. You will be able to do this in one quick and simple motion. The LED indicator on the main panel tells you when you need to empty the bin.

Security Level P-4

This shredder cross-cuts documents in accordance with security level P-4 to ensure that your sensitive information doesn’t get stolen. It is capable of shredding up to 18 sheets of paper into about 397 particles that measure 5/32” by 1 ½” each.

Continuous Shredding

You can keep shredding documents for a total of thirty minutes before this machine needs to cool down, which takes about 40 minutes. This will help you stay productive when you are shredding documents at home or in the office.

Automatic Disable

You won’t have to worry about accidental injuries due to the patented safety sensor. It automatically disables itself when your hand touches the opening where the paper goes.

Jam Proof System

The jam-proof system ramps up the power so that you never have to deal with any paper jams. This can really help you stay on task and complete your shredding work as quickly as possible.

SilentShred Technology

The SilentShred feature keeps this machine running quietly, which is especially ideal for office settings.


  • Compact design: Measuring 17.3 by 11.4 by 25.2 inches, you shouldn’t have any issues with finding a place for this shredder in your office or at home.
  • Prevents paper jams: This shredder automatically increases motor power to avoid paper jams altogether.
  • Versatile shredding: You will be able to use this machine to shred CDs, DVDs, credit cards, cardboard, paper clips, staples, and more.
  • Safe to use: Accidental injuries are not an issue with this shredder, as it shuts down instantly when your hand is over the paper opening.
  • Cross cuts: This cross cut shredder prevents your sensitive documents from being red once they are cut up. It is far more secure than traditional strip-cutting.
  • Sturdy construction: The overall construction is very sturdy, so it will be able to stand the test of time.
  • Continuous use: You can shred documents for a full half an hour before having to wait for this machine to cool down.


  • Small bin: The 9-gallon bin isn’t very large, so frequent emptying could become necessary depending on how much you use it.
  • Wheels do not lock: There is no lock function for the wheels on this machine to keep it stationary.
  • Plastic basket: The basket is made of plastic board, so don’t expect it to last a very long time through regular use.
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Paper Shredder Buying Guide

Before you go ahead and buy a certain paper shredder, there are a number of things you’ll need to consider. With so many different models available on the market, it is important to determine which criteria are most important. This information will help you to select a product that matches your requirements perfectly.

There are certain features that you’ll want to know about prior to shopping around online or in stores. This is one of the best investments you can make when it comes to maintaining your privacy. The right paper shredder can be hugely beneficial for both individuals and businesses.

Types of Shredders

It is crucial that you first learn about some of the different types of paper shredders. This will give you a better idea as to what is out there, so you get precisely what you need.


Cross-cutting paper shredders are perfect for destroying very sensitive documents. They cut the paper from either corner going diagonally. The paper is shredded into tiny particles that are very difficult to read. Many businesses and even government agencies use these machines.


These paper shredders cut documents up into slim strips, hence the name. They are well-suited for documents that do not include any sensitive information. Keep in mind that it would be fairly easy for someone to read the information if they get their hands on it. These machines only cut across, so it is far from the most secure option available.


A paper shredder with a micro cut option is best for those who need to ensure that the documents they shred are not readable at all. These machines cut the paper up into extremely small pieces, making it virtually impossible for anyone to read the documents. This is by far the most secure option available on the market.

In fact, most government agencies and larger companies use micro-cutting paper shredders. While they tend to cost quite a bit, you definitely get what you pay for. This is an excellent investment for anyone who needs to thoroughly destroy very sensitive documents.

Important Features to Focus on

Bin Capacity

The overall capacity of the machine’s bin is very important. If you do a lot of shredding, you should buy a shredder that has at least a 30-gallon capacity. This way you won’t have to keep emptying the bin, which can get annoying very quickly. The more shredding you do, the larger the bin capacity should be.

Type of Bin

Some shredders have removable bins, while others have a life-off head design. If you are looking for convenience, you should buy a model with a removable bin. This will make emptying all of the paper inside much easier each time. A lift-off head design is way too impractical for people who shred documents on a regular basis.

It’s also a good idea to find out what the bin inside of the paper shredder is made of. If the bin consists of cardboard, it probably isn’t going to last a long time. A metal or hard plastic bin will most likely give you years of problem-free use.

Operating Speed

The speed at which the paper shredder operates is something else to consider. There are a few things you’ll want to factor in, such as how long the machine can run before it needs to cool down. This will ultimately determine how efficiently you are able to get this type of work done.

You also need to consider how many feet of paper the machine can shred per minute, as well as its total capacity. All of these things will give you a better idea as to just how fast each paper shredder is.

If you do a lot of shredding on a regular basis, it is crucial that you know this when browsing through your options. A machine that can shred 40 sheets of paper with each pass is fairly quick and efficient.

Noise Level

There are paper shredders that are extremely noisy, while others are much quieter. You’ll ideally want to get a machine that doesn’t make a ton of noise while it is working. Look for models that explicitly list quiet operation as a feature.

A very quiet paper shredder operates at under 60 decibels, while an extremely loud shredder will operate at 70 decibels or more. Most of these machines fall within the 60 to 70 decibel range, which shouldn’t be too noisy. You’ll definitely want to get this information before deciding on a particular model.

Ease of Use

The overall design of the paper shredder you buy is also worth keeping in mind. You don’t want to buy a machine that is overly complicated. Look for a model that is simple but powerful and efficient. There shouldn’t be a ton of buttons if it well-designed. You shouldn’t have to read through a 40-page instruction manual to figure out how to use it.

Auto Feed vs. Manual Feed

A paper shredder with an automatic feed function will allow you to get your work done as quickly and efficiently as possible. All you have to do is just fill the tray with paper and press a single button to get started. Not all of these machines are designed this way, so it is a specific feature you will have to look for. A shredder with an auto feed can hold over 500 sheets of paper at once.

Manual feed shredders aren’t quite as efficient, as you will have to put the paper in by hand each time. This might be acceptable if you aren’t going to shred documents on a regular basis, but it can be extremely inconvenient for a lot of users.

Safety Features

There are numerous safety features that you will also want to look for in a paper shredder. If you have children or pets in the house, you should get one with a safety lock. This will ensure that the machine cannot be activated by accident.

It’s also a good idea to consider getting a machine that has a safety sensor. This sensor will instantly turn the shredder off if your fingers get too close to where the paper goes in. It can prevent some pretty nasty accidents and injuries.

Jam-Proof Design

There is almost nothing more frustrating than a paper jam when you are trying to shred something. You can avoid all of this hassle by simply looking for a paper shredder that has a jam-proof design.

Some shredders are designed not to jam under any circumstances. These machines usually have a very powerful motor that is capable of getting the paper through the opening and into the bin. They also typically have sensors that can detect when you are trying to shred too much of something at one time.

A jam-proof paper shredder might cost you a bit more than most other models, but it is definitely worth it. You will no longer have to deal with headache-inducing paper jams that severely limit your productivity. This is a particularly important thing to consider if you do a ton of shredding. All of that wasted time on paper jams can really add up.

You also want to keep in mind that some paper shredders offer numerous levels of jam prevention. You simply select the level that is most appropriate for whatever you happen to be shredding. This can go a long way towards reducing your frustration when performing this sort of task.

TAA Compliance

The paper shredder that you buy should definitely be TAA compliant. This essentially means that it is made in the U.S., so you can trust that it isn’t just a cheap piece of junk. Government agencies only use TAA-compliant paper shredders. It is crucial that you look out for this before buying a certain shredder.

LED Keypad

You will find that most higher-end paper shredders have an LED keypad that makes selecting various settings and options very easy. The buttons typically light up, so you can see them clearly even in the dark. If you are going to buy a shredder with such a keypad, you’ll want to make sure that the buttons are responsive and easy to press.

Other Considerations

There are a few other considerations that you’ll want to make before buying a certain paper shredder. These things will help you get the most from the money you spend.

Overall Size of the Machine

The size of the paper shredder you buy is something else that you want to think about. If you are looking for one that you can put under your desk, you’ll need to make sure the one you want is going to fit. Take the time to do some measurements so you don’t unintentionally buy a shredder that is too large.

Number of Users

You should also consider the number of people who are going to be using the paper shredder. Most of the cheaper models are suitable for 1 to 2 users. There are machines that are a bit more powerful and well-suited for up to 5 users. They typically have a run time of 1 to 5 minutes, and a sheet capacity of 1 to 10 sheets. You can expect the bin to hold 9 gallons at most.

A majority of commercial shredders that have a heavy-duty design can accommodate upwards of five users. These are often used by small businesses and government agencies. These machines have a run time of anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes, and a sheet capacity of 10 to 30 sheets. The bins can hold anywhere from 10 to 38 gallons.

You can also buy industrial shredders, which are designed for extremely large quantity shredding on a regular basis. Unless you are running a large corporation, you probably don’t need one of these.

Your Shredding Needs

You will also need to know what kinds of things each machine is capable of shredding. There are a number of paper shredders that can handle everything from standard envelopes to credit cards and DVDs. If you are planning on shredding a lot of different things, you’ll want to buy a machine with a versatile design.

Make sure that you know what each one can handle before deciding on anything in particular. Certain shredders cannot handle staples, which could be problematic. A heavy-duty shredder will most likely be able to handle anything you throw at it. While these machines may cost a bit more, it is well worth the additional expense.

If you are going to shred any material tougher than regular paper, such as corrugated cardboard, you will need a heavy-duty shredder. It is not recommended that you use a paper shredder to destroy cardboard on a regular basis. You should instead consider getting a machine that is specifically designed for shredding this material.

Remember that some shredders are better than others at handling a lot of paper at once. If you tend to shred in large batches, you’ll want to get a heavy-duty machine that can handle it. Look for a shredder that can run for a long time before it needs to cool down.

Energy Efficiency

Some paper shredders are more energy efficient than others by design. It’s always a good idea to look for a model that works well while helping you to save a little money on your monthly electric bill.

An energy-efficient shredder will offer a “sleep mode” that it goes into when not in use. This limits its overall energy consumption. The best way to save money on your utilities is to just turn the machine off when you aren’t using it though.

The Warranty

You should make a point of finding out what sort of warranty you will get with each paper shredder. Most of these products come with a standard two-year warranty, but not all. There are also shredders that have a specific “cutting warranty”. It is especially important to get a long warranty if you do a lot of shredding. This way you won’t have to worry about shelling out more money if your machine breaks.

 The Manufacturer

The fact is that there are some companies that are more reputable than others when it comes to paper shredders. The brand of the machine you buy is going to be extremely important. You’ll find that Fellowes is one of the top companies when it comes to these products. Buying an off-brand paper shredder is simply too risky and should be avoided altogether.

Paper Shredder Maintenance

Maintenance is something else that you’ll want to consider before buying a certain paper shredder. The blades that these machines use need oil to keep running smoothly over the long term. You probably won’t have to oil a brand new shredder, but it will eventually need to be lubricated.

You should consider buying a shredder that is designed to oil itself. It oils the blades at certain intervals to ensure smooth operation at all times. A self-lubricating shredder will save you quite a bit of time. Otherwise you will have to do this manually, which can be a bit of pain.

Customer Reviews

When you are trying to find the best paper shredder, you should also make a point of looking at customer reviews. The reviews for each of these products can be very insightful and extremely helpful to say the least.

You’ll want to make a point of avoiding any shredders that have a disproportionate number of negative reviews to positive ones. It is also a good idea to think twice about buying a shredder that has multiple complaints of a similar nature. If a ton of people are reporting the same problems with a certain machine, you should take notice.

There are very few paper shredders that have zero negative reviews, but some of them have more than others. You want to pay close attention to the content of the reviews as well as how many positive versus negative ones there are. This will help you out a lot when it comes to finding a high-quality shredder that will satisfy your needs.


The cost of paper shredders varies wildly depending on a number of factors. Some of the cheaper models that are designed for home use can be purchased for as little as $40. If you want a nice cross-cut shredder with no bells and whistles, you’ll probably spend around $100. Shredders that have a heavy-duty design cost upwards of $700. There are plenty of options for every price range. You will, however, want to avoid buying the cheapest one to save money. When it comes to these machines, you get what you pay for.


It is a good idea for you to consider all of the above features and factors before buying any paper shredder in particular. If you don’t plan on shredding any documents with sensitive information, a basic stripe-cut shredder is adequate. Cross-cutting shredders are necessary for shredding anything that you don’t want others to read. Micro-cutters are designed for high-security requirements. Remember to consider your own needs before you make a final decision. You also want to avoid getting any shredder based on price alone. It is important to factor in the machine’s size, efficiency, versatility, speed, and other things.