Fellowes Powershred W11C Paper Shredded Review

Fellowes Powershred W11C Paper Shredded Review

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A good paper shredder has one job to do: shred paper. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of brands that will do that for a couple of months, then serve as trash cans. And why is that? Because most of us don’t take the time to do some research.

I learned my lesson the hard way when I spent $100+ on a non-refundable shredder that stopped working after a week of use. And use is an overstatement since I turned it on two or three times within those seven days. Anyway, I quickly found the solution to my problems.


The Fellowes Powershred W11C came out, and after giving it some thought, I decided that I couldn’t go wrong with it. Let me tell you more about this Powershred model.


About The Product

The various models of shredders that compile the Powershred category are all of high quality. Even though the W11C is probably the weakest out of them all, it’s still better than a lot of other brands.

Obviously, this has been manufactured for use at home, by no means in an office where people need to shred generous amounts of paper on a daily basis. Here’s a complete list of features, so you know what to expect from it:

  • Shreds a maximum of 11 sheets of paper at a time. It can also shred credit cards and staples (not bad)
  • Level 4 security, crosscut shredding (very good security level for the price)
  • It needs to cool-down after 5 minutes of use (the greatest disadvantage)
  • Endowed with SafetyLock (useful childproofing system)
  • 4.75 gallons wastebasket (another disadvantage)

Not bad at all, considering that the price is more than affordable even when you work on an average salary.

​The Results

First of all, the W11C is a lot more robust than it looks like in the photos. That’s not a problem, anyway. In terms of functionality, it does what the company says it will do, so no issues there.

It devours the paper pretty quickly, and the Level 4 shred provides an increased sense of security against identity theft. This model has something about it that tells you “I’m going to jam, like, once every 15 minutes”. That’s not true, however.

It doesn’t jam more often than any other paper shredder. The wastebasket is somewhat small, but it figures, given that this is only for at-home use. It’s really easy to empty it, although the top cover is quite heavy (again, explainable, as it is a part of the childproofing system).

This particular model is your average paper shredder. It doesn’t have anything better than others, but I wouldn’t throw it away either.

Putting Paper In Shredder

It’s a good alternative for people who don’t want to spend too much on a shredder or don’t afford doing it. If you’re one of those persons, then you just found the best item.

​What Other People Say

The Fellowes W11C has gotten pretty great reviews from thousands of individuals. There have been a couple of minor complaints, however. First off, some customer did not like the fact that it isn’t silent. Secondly, it appears that it isn’t that durable as some would like it to be.

But let’s face it, you can’t expect it to last until you give your final breath for this price. Of course, this depends on how much you’re going to use it and how much care you’ll be taking of it.

Don’t expect it to work perfectly for years on end because you’ll be in a for a huge disappointment.

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​What We Like

Hands down, the price. It’s without a doubt one of the cheapest Fellowes models. I mean, you could pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a paper shredder, but why should you do this if one that’s less than $70 will do for you, right?

People tend to overspend on things they don’t necessarily need. Believe me, if you need a shredder for unopened mail and sheets of paper solely, this is perfect. If you have stacks of paper to shred every day, then you might want to consider another model.

Moreover, if you want a modern shredder with many additional features, try to aim for other Powershred models, particularly the newer ones.

​What We Don’t Like

The cooling time is by far the worst thing about this paper shredder. It needs to cool down after 5 minutes, and that’s absolutely annoying. There are shredders that can shred continuously for almost an hour, and I’m sure this could have been a little better.

The basket, too, fills too quickly. I don’t know many persons that love to empty the shredder every so often. But then again, it’s a home office shredder. Therefore, these setbacks are not that tragic.

​Buying Tips

This paper shredder costs somewhere in the price range of $60-$70, but that depends on where you purchase it from. To the initial price, it adds the shipping costs. If you want to get free shipping for this, I recommend you order it from Amazon.

Holding Fellowes Powershred W11C Paper Shredder

Source: fellowes.com

They always have the best offers, both in terms of price and shipping. If you want, you can get it as a package deal with the exclusive oil for it. There are plenty of options for you to choose from.

​Final Verdict

Fellowes’s Powershred W11C is definitely not out of the ordinary. The company manufactured many better models. Still, considering that this is to be used just by one person, it’s not the worst choice you can make.

The best thing about it is, obviously, the price. There are people who cannot afford to pay too much on something they’re not going to use every day anyway. For the price, it’s really good. Please don’t expect unreasonable quality.

It is worth a shot. If you don’t like it, next time you know what model to get. I can recommend this, but only to those individuals who don’t need to shred too much paper. And those who are very patient, considering the irritating cool down time.